Many hospital-connected Foundations like Mission Foundation, tend to focus most of their efforts on raising “capital dollars,” mainly for buildings and equipment at their hospitals.  This is because health care is so “capital intensive.”   A new MRI machine or a CyberKnife can cost $2-3 million; new monitoring equipment for an Intensive Care Unit can top $5 million or more. Building a new wing on a hospital can cost well over $325 a square foot.   So you get the picture, hospitals do require lots of capital dollars.

Mission Foundation, for the past thirty years, has taken a different course.  We certainly have raised significant funds for new buildings and equipment at Mission Hospital in Asheville, but we have equally been focused on expanding and sustaining new programs that bring real needed services to the people of western North Carolina.  We have also been concerned about attracting and retaining the best bedside caregivers we can find.  Your gifts and grants have helped us fund millions of dollars to enhance Mission’s continuing education budgets so our bedside staff (who care for YOU) go to national conferences to learn the very latest in care techniques and new technology bringing that back to these beautiful mountains of western North Carolina.

The accomplishments of Mission Foundation, since 1985, have contributed to Mission Health being named one of the Top 15 Health Systems in the entire United States (Thomson-Reuter ratings).   The Foundation has furnished nearly $150 million to Mission for a wide variety of programs and projects some of which are listed here for your information and background:

  • Helped to create and fund a comprehensive Heart Center at Mission (1989-91)
  • Provide start-up and sustaining funds to create Mission Children’s Hospital (1992-present)
  • Funded and implemented two regional dental vans to serve children with no dental care (1995-present)
  • Underwrite the region’s only child protection center for abused/neglected children (1998-present)
  • Provide startup and sustaining funding to create the Fullerton Genetics Center (1995-present)
  • Provided funding to create a new Neonatal Nursery and Mother-Baby Floors (1999-2001)
  • Conceived, built and entirely funded a new 70,000 sq.ft. Children’s Outpatient Center (2001-2006)
  • Won grant to establish a regional Tele-stroke program based at Mission using robots (2010-2011)
  • Funded a second helicopter ambulance to serve remote mountains west of Asheville (2004-2006)
  • Won multi-million dollar grants to acquire extensive disaster-preparedness equipment (2002-present)
  • Provide over $2 million to date in continuing education funding for Mission bedside staff (2001-present)
  • Funded Mobile Simulation Laboratory to help retain/upgrade health professionals in rural WNC  (2011)
  • Won multi-million dollar grant to aid Mission in converting to electronic medical records (2006-2011)
  • Stimulated innovation initiatives at Mission by funding and creating Medical Innovation Alliance (2010)
  • Funded 25% of new $60 million 120,000 sq.ft. Cancer Center at Mission Hospital  (2010-2012)

SECU Cancer Center

Reuter Children’s Outpatient Center

Telehealth Stroke Robot

50-bed Mobile Disaster Hospital