Board of Trustees

Message from the Chairman of the Board:

Dear Friends and Viewers:

Welcome to one of the most successful and forward-thinking health care organizations in the United States—Mission Foundation in Asheville, North Carolina.

For nearly three decades Mission Foundation has carefully and effectively solicited gifts and grants to benefit the people served by Mission Hospital and Mission Health throughout western North Carolina.

Our support, now approaching $150 million, has been a key part in elevating Mission Health to one of the Top 15 Health Systems in the country as ranked by Thomson-Reuters.  We are proud that Mission Hospital, whose 13 decades of service to this region, now stands as a strong beacon, attracting people from across the United States to relocate or retire in Asheville because of the quality health care the Foundation has assisted in creating.

Philanthropy is a keystone in the culture of our region.  Mission Foundation has demonstrated it is one of the safest, most effective places for residents to give their charitable contributions. We are the only Better Business Bureau-Charity-Wise Alliance nationally accredited charity based in Asheville meeting all 20 standards of governance, fiduciary oversight and efficient use of contributions.

Please take a few minutes to scroll through our website to get a sense of all the ways you can connect with Mission through the Foundation.  We touch thousands of lives every year from newborns to our elders, with the goal to give them the highest quality of care, in the safest way, without waste and with a fantastic patient experience.  

Thank you for considering Mission Foundation as one of your “top charities” to support.


John D. Kimberly, Chairman
Foundation Board of Trustees

2013 Mission Healthcare Foundation Board of Trustees

The following individuals are a group of community leaders that oversee and manage all our activities and take very seriously their role as stewards of your gifts. They are active participants in fulfilling the mission of the Foundation and serve as advocates for Mission Hospital within our community. 

John D. Kimberly, Chairman
Martha P. Boyd, Vice Chair
Lynn F. Kieffer, Secretary
Michael B. Andry, Treasurer
Charles F. Ayscue, Assistant Treasurer
J. William "Bill" Kinard Jr., FAHP, CFRE, President of Mission Foundation
Lynne C. Brofman
Louis E. Buck Jr., PhD
Darlene K. Davis
Philip C. Davis, M.D.
Suzanne S. DeFerie
 W. Leon Elliston, M.D.
Kay C. Finger
Ronald Freeman
Neal Hanks, Jr.
Leslie Hansen
Eileen Hutchison
Heather S. Lee
Barbra S. Love
Thomas A. Maher
David P. Modaff
Thomas Nash, III
Shon Norris, CPA
Charles E. Russell, CPA
Robby L. Russell
Lary A. Schulhof, M.D.
Beverly H. Sgro
Wilma M. Sherrill
Ricky Silver
Bonnie Spradling
Andrew A. Strauss
Ronald A. Paulus, M.D., Health System CEO
Robert C. Roberts, Health System Board Chair

Emeritus Trustees

George H.V. Cecil
Brenda G. Nash
Glenn W. Wilcox, Sr.
Chris R. Young