Cancer Programs

Take a closer look at the cancer programs that receive support through the Foundation.  Your generous gifts help these valuable services to reach those in need.

Breast Program

The nationally accredited Breast Program at Mission Hospital exists to offer coordinated, compassionate care to women with breast cancer and relies on your generous support to continue. This care, including nurse-navigator assistance, nutritional counseling and multidisciplinary treatment, is critical to effectively treating breast cancer. We are devoted to supporting the continuation of this outstanding program. Specific items your support provides include:

News 13's Jay Siltzer tells how the Ladies Night Out Program is opening the door for screening nearly all uninsured and under-insured women in Buncombe County:  ( listen to story )

Camp Bluebird  

Camp Bluebird is a two-night, three-day retreat held each spring and fall for adult cancer survivors. One of the few of its kind in North Carolina, this extraordinary retreat is an opportunity for cancer survivors to receive support, encouragement and information from each other, as well as from healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable in cancer care. Support of this program provided through Mission Foundation provides:

  • endowment support for sustainability
  • individual camper sponsorship
  • camp costs & expenses

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Pet Therapy Program

Pet therapy helps to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Along with the obvious emotional benefits gained by the presence of adoring pets, studies have shown that the presence of animals has a positive effect on human physiology. Pet therapy can decrease a patient’s blood pressure and heart rate. But most of all, these furry friends make all of us feel loved and at ease.  Your support keeps this remarkable program going.

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Lung Program

Lung cancer screenings are important because they can identify early cancer before symptoms are evident. Early detection of lung cancer is a high priority of Mission Hospital because this type of cancer is a pervasive, yet often avoidable disease in our community. With your help, we can fund programs that encourage people in our community to quit smoking and take precautionary measures to avoid lung cancer.

Please consider contributing to these vital programs.