Charitable Lead Trusts

A Charitable Lead Trust enables you to transfer wealth to future generations at significant tax savings - and also helps you meet your philanthropic goals.

Charitable Lead Trusts are especially helpful for donors in high and estate tax brackets. Through such a vehicle, the donor transfers assets to a Lead Trust. A fixed annual amount or percentage goes to Mission Hospitals for the duration of the trust. (The duration can be a specific term of years, or lifetime.) Then the remaining assets of the trust pass to the trust's beneficiaries (usually the donor's heirs).

This trust is generally used to transfer wealth to children or grandchildren by greatly reducing transfer taxes (estate tax, gift tax, generation skipping tax). Charitable Lead Trusts are complex, but they are also highly flexible and can be extremely effective. Your accountant or estate planning attorney can help you design a Charitable Lead Trust which best suits your particular needs and circumstances.

Besides helping you and your family reduce exposure to taxes, Charitable Lead Trusts allow you to support causes during your lifetime. Many individuals have found Charitable Lead Trusts to be a meaningful way to provide current, significant support of Mission - such as support of a current campaign, building project or a pledge that the donor has made.

Your Charitable Lead Trust with Mission qualifies you for membership in our Legacy League, a recognition society of friends and patients who have remembered Mission in their estate plans.

We can meet with you and assist you, in confidence, in planning your will. You should also consult with your attorney, who can assist you in drafting your will provision based on your specific needs and desires.

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