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Meet Our Donors

A charitable organization can only stand if it has the support of it's community and those individuals it affects.  Mission Healthcare Foundation is lucky to be surrounded by a strong group of generous donors who have taken ownership and have loyal faith in Mission Health and Hospitals.

Scroll down to read some inspirational donor stories.

Bob Shipp
Generous Donor Helps MAMA Fly High

Motivated by personal experience, Bob began supporting the MAMA program in 2005.  He had first heard of MAMA by word of mouth, but then realized the necessity for this vital service when two of his aquaintances received lifesaving care thanks to MAMA's quick intervention.


Louis and Betty Jo Trantham 
Gift Annuity Advocates

The Tranthams are a loving and caring couple who have been together for more than 50 years.  They both stpent many years working hard to be able to provide a warm and comfortable place for their loved ones to call home.  Louis has been a builder all his life, and in his quiet, modest way he has helped build the lives of everyone he has met without desire for recognition.



Dr. Roberta Rice, M.D., F.A.C.S.
A Very Good Birthday Present

On her 92nd birthday, Roberta Rice, M.D., F.A.C.S. decided to give herself a birthday present. She called up Mission Healthcare Foundation and said "I want to establish a gift annuity with you folks." That was a very good birthday present for Dr. Rice. Based on her age she is annually receiving 9.5% from this annuity. She accomplished this less than an hour at the Foundation offices.



Tom and Kay Finger
Personal Experience Drives Inspiration

Nineteen years ago, Kay was diagnosed with breast cancer.  "Imagine hearing for the first time that you have breast cancer," explained Kay.  "It devastates you and your entire family.  My first thoughts were:  Would I live, and if so, how long?  How would this disease affect my husband, my parents, and my three small children?  It totally consumed my daily life!  My husband and I received a variety of treatment options.  It was confusing and overwhelming.  We thought to ourselves: There must be a better way to determine the best treatment option for survival!"


Pete and Jan Friedt
Inspired by Children, Led by Conviction

It all sounded great to Jan and Pete Friedt when they moved to Asheville for "a slower pace,"  But Jan and Pete are people who care about their community, and soon they found themselves getting involved, which thankfully led them to Mission Foundation to learn more about healthcare in the Ambassador Program.  Soon after, the Friedts became so inspired by the work at Mission Children's Hospital that they truly jumped in with both feet.


John and Elizabeth Hubbell
A Grateful Patient Story

Grateful for beautiful mountains and a warmer climate, we moved to Asheville in 1991, having lived until then primarily in New England. Having heard as we moved that good healthcare was available in Asheville, we now know know firsthand that is true.


The Israel Brothers
The Story Behind the Big Tom Classic

There are many different ways people cope with grief after the loss of a loved one. Following the sudden death of their father, Tom and Will Israel poured their heart into creating the Big Tom Classic, a golf tournament named in memory of their dad and a fundraiser to create public awareness and make life better for future stroke survivors.

Tom and Joan Kalimanis
Friends Indeed Help Others In Need

Mission Healthcare Foundation recently received an exciting new grant from the H. N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation, a private family foundation based in Palm Desert, California.  This grant of $500,000 is the Berger Foundation's third gift to Mission's Children's Hospital in the past four years. 

Joe and Kellie Kiely
Asheville Couple "Pays It Forward"

At the heart of everything the Kielys do is education. Whether it's through their wealth management business, teaching clients how to best manage their investments, or in their philanthropic efforts, giving generously and guiding others to do the same, Joe and Kellie believe in the power of spreading knowledge.

The Patton Family
Inspirational Donor, "Buddy" Patton Leaves Legacy of Giving

The passing of S.M. "Buddy" Patton offers an opportunity to reflect on the embodiment of someone who did all three-inspired, nurtured and led. Buddy Patton and his wife, current Trustee Marilyn Patton, have long been some of the most generous and loyal donors St. Joseph's and Mission Hospitals have ever had.


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